Services available for Association Management:

Please be aware the services listed herein can be modified upon request. We offer more extensive services and will customize our services to your needs.


  • To maintain all business records for the Association, including minute books;
  • To prepare and mail any correspondence on behalf of the Association, including mailings to the Association membership;
  • To give required notice of all meetings and to prepare meeting packages for distribution to the attendees;
  • To maintain the community website and provide a Webmaster.
  • To create the community newsletter from information provided by the Board of Director and Committee chairpersons.
  • To attend monthly and called meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • To attend the annual homeowners meeting;
  • To transcribe the minutes of all meetings unless secretary of Association does this function. Presently the property manager is transcribing the minutes;
  • To maintain a directory of the Association membership;
  • To process transfer information after the sale of a unit and to send a welcome package or welcome letter to any new homeowner;
  • To assist in the enforcement of the conditions, covenants, restrictions, rules and regulations of the Association.


  • To maintain accounting records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles;
  • To collect monthly dues and special assessments as levied by the Association;
  • To take necessary action to collect delinquent accounts, in consultation with the Board of Directors;
  • To provide such monthly and year-end financial reports as are requested by the Board of Directors;
  • To review and pay invoices for routine or recurring operating charges which have been approved within the Association budget or in advance by the Board of Directors;
  • To assist the Board of Directors in the preparation of an annual budget at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual homeowners meeting and or year end;
  • To assist the Board of Directors in determining the adequacy of the reserves and in planning for future capital expenditures;
  • To contract for and assist a third party Accountant in the preparation of annual tax returns for the Association;
  • To contract for and assist a CPA in conducting an audit of the Association records, if requested by the Board of Directors;
  • To offer general professional assistance to the Board of Directors in financial matters.


  • To make monthly on-site visits to the Development for the purposes of inspecting the general condition of the property, both grounds and buildings, and advising the Board of Directors of same, of supervising and inspecting the performance of contractors for grounds care, maintenance of common areas and specific repairs being made at the instigation of the Association, of evaluating overall compliance with the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions of the Development;
  • To assist in the develop of specifications for work to be performed by contractors, to obtain bids and to assist the Board of Directors in awarding contracts for such work, to verify that the contractors have in place proper permits, licenses and adequate liability and worker’s compensation insurance, to obtain lien waivers, as necessary, upon completion of work, and to inspect the performance of such contractors;
  • To handle all service requests from homeowners in the Development promptly and courteously and to follow up with inspections of work performed;
  • To be available to individual homeowners after hours and on weekends for emergency services.


  • To assist the Board of Directors in complying with insurance requirements set forth in the Association governing documents;
  • To procure bids for new insurance coverage or for renewal of existing coverage as directed by the Board of Directors;
  • To review and evaluate such bids for insurance coverage for presentation to and approval of the Board of Directors;
  • To notify the Board of Directors and applicable insurance carriers in the event of personal injury or property damage, or claims of either;
  • To coordinate insurance claims between the Association and insurance adjusters.

Books and Records

The Managing Agent shall maintain all books, records, documents and accounts relating to the operation of the Association and shall make same available to the members of the Board of Directors of the Association, or their authorized representatives, for inspection during normal business hours. 

Custodial Bank Accounts

The Managing Agent shall hold all monies collected by it on behalf of the Association in custodial accounts at a state or national bank whose deposits are FDIC insured. Such monies shall be maintained separate and apart from any other accounts owned or maintained by the Managing Agent. One custodial account shall be maintained for payment of operating expenses, with separate interest-bearing account(s) for capital reserves.



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